Launching a [Consulting] Business – Pulling It All Together

As you might imagine, I’ve had more than one person ask if I plan to write a book on this topic (Launching a Consulting Business). My response: probably. And, these posts are the fodder for that.

While I’m not yet done posting on this topic I thought it would be useful, for those interested, to create a sort of “Table of Contents” so that the posts can be read more easily “in order” – as an eBook.

As such, here we go…Click on any of the topics below and you are on your way!

Launching a Consulting Business – Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Litmus Test
  3. What Is Your Value Proposition?
  4. Define Your Market
  5. Define Your Competition
  6. Run The Numbers
  7. Engage A Board Of Advisors
    1. SCORE!
  8. Startup Administrivia
  9. Your Shingle
  10. Your Pitch
  11. Marketing Collateral
  12. Prepare To Make Some Noise
  13. Foundational Content
  14. #1 Marketing Channel – Part 1
  15. #1 Marketing Channel – Part 2
  16. #1 Marketing Channel – Part 3
  17. Shamelessly Promote
  18. Establish 3 Reference Accounts
  19. How To Avoid Feast vs. Famine
  20. Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself
  21. The Boring Stuff – Part 1 (Legal)
  22. The Boring Stuff – Part 2 (Accounting & Finance)
  23. The Boring Stuff – Part 3 (Insurance)
  24. Don’t Get Wrapped Around the Axle
  25. Where Are The Opportunities?
  26. Networking For Opportunities?
  27. Be Found!
  28. Be There!
  29. Be Connected!
  30. Be Equipped!
  31. The Image
  32. Where do I get a job like that ?!?
  33. The Mental Game
  34. Nothing Like Entrepreneurship
  35. Shamelessly Promote: Part 2

Again, there is still potentially more to come.

I hope that you find this organization of the posts on Launching a Consulting Business helpful. And, feel free to respond with any questions you may have or related topics you’d like covered.

All the best!


7 thoughts on “Launching a [Consulting] Business – Pulling It All Together

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