Launching a Consulting Business – Foundational Content

The marketing plan for any business is multi-faceted: there are many moving parts which build upon one-another and must come together for congruent delivery to your audience.

We have recently been discussing the preparation and generation of marketing content. Prior to “making some noise” to your target market there are a few more topics to cover.

Consider the “noise” that we are going to make as “bait” to draw others’ attention to you / your business. Once you have gotten their attention, you must have solid foundational content so they (especially those who do not yet know you) can get a sense of you / your background and why they might consider doing business with you. To do so, you need to prepare:

  • A Bio
  • An Overview of Your Services

Your Bio

An effective bio (biography) is a concise overview of your background:

  • Where your expertise came from / how you got here
  • The results you have achieved
  • Any special distinctions relevant to your service offerings

Note: This is NOT a detailed resume. It is a summary only. If you’d like to review an example (my bio) simply click here.

An Overview of Your Services

The purpose of this content is to outline, for your audience, the kinds of services you provide and what others can expect to achieve by engaging you. And, if you’ve been following the posts on this topic (of Launching a Consulting Business) you “should have” already generated this content, as it is part of:

If you’d like to review an example of the services my business provides, simply click here.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that what we’ve prepared for my business is perfect. I am suggesting, however, that it has seemed to work 🙂

In closing, once you have tackled the above, you are prepared for the next step.

Click here to review the next article in the series.

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