Cool Tools

This page shares recommended tools (audio programs, apps, websites, etc.) you can make use of (many, for FREE) to support your success in life!

Make your vehicle a “University on Wheels” – Below are highly recommended audio programs, most of which are available (by clicking on the image) at!


As A Man Thinketh – Available to stream, or download (for free!)





Financial Freedom blogs

  • Mr. Money Mustache – My favorite blog on creating financial freedom (early, active and productive retirement at age 30)! Although, if you can’t deal with “F” bombs, don’t go there.
  • Brave New Life – Another great blog on creating financial independence by someone who recently pulled the trigger on (early, active and productive) retirement in early 2014.
  • Can I Retire Yet? – Yet, another great blog providing practical guidance from someone who retired at age 50.
  • Early Retirement Extreme – And finally, the site of the author of one of the recommended readings.

Go Green!

  • Want to stop receiving unwanted snail mail? There is a (free) service called “Catalog Choice” which allows you to opt-out of receiving catalogs and other junk mail (even phonebooks!). As they so simply put it on their website: “Here is how it works. 1) You receive unwanted mail. 2) Report it to us. 3) We’ll take it from there. To sign-up, simply go to:

Music (Check-out these inspirational songs by the rock band KaelumWay!)

  • Overthrow – Lyrics in this song inspired the name for this blog. What a GREAT band!
  • You Are Loved – The most played song on my iPhone!


  • – Do you bike, hike, canoe, snowmobile or do other outdoor activities that you’d like to track. Get this app!
  • – Do you ski or snowboard? Do you want to know your top speed (mine is 62 MPH, so far, at Sugarloaf), how many runs and miles you’ve done, etc. Get this app!
  • Wahoo Fitness – Do you “spin” (ride a stationary bike) during the winter months to remain in tip top shape for biking in the warmer months? If so, get this app! It (along with a bluetooth device you connect to your bike) tracks speed, distance, etc.

Website / Blogging Tools

  • WordPress – I must make mention of the tool that has enabled me to put up this blog (in less than 2 hours, from the time I found the tool!). I started with the free version and went quite far, and decided to upgrade to premium to take ownership of the domain and enable other features that I shall be using.


  • Ariba – More than just a supplier network, the world’s business commerce network is a global community where your company can collaborate with any other — large or small, from anywhere in the world — whenever you’re buying, selling, or managing cash. Business owners and leaders, this offers a way to more efficiently and effectively engage with clients and prospects. A neat feature is that they provide a button / link that you can place on your company’s website to show others you are part of the Ariba Network, which can serve to accelerate new client acquisition!
  • Customer Centricity, Inc. – Check out my business website for newsletter articles and other resources to help leaders drive change in their company, to improve customer loyalty and operational performance.

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  1. beaverfood says:

    Other music (for relaxing and napping or just drifting in a boat on a calm lake, watching the eagles and osprey); Diana Krall, Julie London, Yiruma, William Joseph.

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