Launching a Consulting Business – Prepare to Make Some Noise

In preparing to launch my consulting business a colleague (from corporate America) suggested I publish a newsletter to let everyone from my “past life” know what I was up to. I have to say that was one of the BEST ideas that was shared with me.

That is, we cannot simply hang out a shingle and wait for passers-by to stop in. We must make some noise that compels others to check us out.

Before sharing how, where and when that noise will be delivered (the topic of a future post) let’s talk about the noise you can “prepare.”

In a prior post we covered the importance of identifying at least 3-5 specific areas for which you can deliver significant value to others. Building on that list you are encouraged to begin creating content around each of these topic areas. This content could include, for example:

  • The 10 easy steps to [plug in your value proposition here]
  • How to [plug in your value proposition here]

You get the picture. The content should include an introduction to frame-up the topic, the “punch-list” of items you’ll cover and then a brief narrative for each of the items on the punch-list.

The purpose: To demonstrate your expertise in these areas. And, provide some free (YES FREE) information that may be useful to others.

Now, some might say: “Aren’t you giving away the farm?” And/or: “Shouldn’t you be charging people to give them this information?“. That is short-sighted thinking…

Example: If chef Ramsay (Hell’s Kitchen) gave you the recipe for his most exquisite dish could you prepare it the way he does? I know I’d make a complete mess of it.

Apply this to your area of expertise. YOU ARE THE CHEF. Giving out the recipe does NOT enable someone else to “do what you do” as you are the one to add that “special sauce.” Do NOT underestimate your abilities. That is, in addition to your “technical expertise”, if you are truly successful at what you do, and in high demand within the environment you are currently working (part of the “litmus test” previously shared), you have a special touch that enables you to generate the results you are known for.

If you’d like to view an example of content we generated early on for my business simply click here to go to the newsletter page of my business website and scroll down to Newsletter Issue #86. You’ll find the introductory article on a topic and (if desired) you can view the other 3 related articles in that series. In addition, you can scan our list of the numerous articles published which will provide you other ideas to consider.

As mentioned above, you only need to “begin” generating this content. Don’t feel like you have to immediately complete a write-up for all 3-5 areas of expertise. Just get started. By doing so, you will be positioning yourself for a future next step (delivering some noise) — so long as you are prepared to follow-through. More to come on that…

Have a great one!

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4 thoughts on “Launching a Consulting Business – Prepare to Make Some Noise

  1. Bruce says:

    Good article, Craig. I’ve got a son-in-law starting a company. He may need to get hip to this.

    • Craig Bailey says:

      Sounds good! While this is focused on a consulting business much of this can apply to any business.

      Feel free to forward it along. And, I’d be happy to chat with him anytime!

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