Incenting Our Kids to Read

Where you will be five years from now will depend on the books you read, what you listen to and the people you associate with.” – Dave Johnson

It has always been a challenge to get kids to read; especially what you’d like them to (in addition to what they are required to read, for school). And, it has become more of a challenge with the distractions available online.

One thing we’ve done with great success is incented our kids to read by paying them to deliver a book report — on books of OUR choice. In fact, we feel that some are worth so much towards their future that we’ve paid $100 for a completed book report. See the recommended readings page for perfect examples.

We have provided them a menu of these (and other) books and the incentive (value) for delivering a report on each. We have them prepare the report by hand vs. typed, as it is too easy to copy someone’s work via cut and paste. The very process of writing it out further burns the content into the mind 🙂 And, since I’ve read them all I know if they “got it.”

If you’d like a copy of the menu of books and book report template, just send me an email requesting this. Yes, it is free!

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