Don’t Get Cooked in the Squat

What is a key reason people don’t achieve their goals and dreams? They never get started (or follow-through) on their action plan. They wait — until…And, “until” continues to change and/or never happens…

If you are having a tough time “getting started” (or following through) on your action plan to achieve your goals and dreams you are NOT alone.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Are you willing to be different?

One of my favorite motivational speakers (who has since passed away) is Zig Ziglar. I’ve seen him speak on multiple occasions, listened to his audio programs repeatedly and read his books; always getting an uplift as a result.

If you truly want to realize your goals and dreams you can use a “shot in the arm.”  Click here to watch an excerpt from one of Zig’s outstanding programs. And, by viewing this short video you’ll learn what “cooked in the squat” is all about.

I hope that it gives you, as it did me (many years ago), the motivation to take that leap of faith to get started on your action plan.

While you are there (at Nightingale Conant’s website) take a moment to sign up for their free Motivational Quote of the Day. This serves as another “shot in the arm” to keep us on track. We take a shower daily to stay clean on the outside. Why not take a daily dose of inspiration to stay clean (focused and motivated) on the inside 🙂

Go for it!

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