Want Higher Pay? Fill the Skills Gap!

During my daily check-in to Yahoo! Finance I came across an article: “Why Employers Are To Blame For The Skills Gap“.

The article shares the results of a study which would seem to indicate that “…what is really driving the discussion about worker skills is a combination of employers seeking to hold down payroll costs by keeping wages as low as possible – and a longer-term effort to transfer responsibility for training workers from employers themselves to the taxpayer.

Note: when the article refers to the taxpayer that would be you and me.

The article continues: “Cappelli, who is also the author of the book “Why Good People Can’t Find Jobs”, notes a disinclination among employers to train existing workers; he says they look instead to hire individuals who already possess a specific skill set.

So, we have a choice. We can lament (even rail against) reality like everyone else – or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

If the trend would seem to be that individuals need to invest in themselves to close any skills gap then why not get started – right now!

If you are (still) reading this post, you are at a place (this blog) that can share steps you can take to fill the skills gap. For example, you can click here to learn more about my “boot camp experience” that (over time) significantly uplifted my skills (along with a lot of hard work) opening many options that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.

In closing, don’t wait for your employer, the government or the economy-at-large to make your (working) life more challenging and rewarding (including MUCH higher pay). It is 100% in your own hands.

If you want someone to blame for where you are today, there is only one place to look: the mirror…

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