Do You Flow Like Water, or a Brick?

Water is the most pliable substance on earth. It quickly and easily changes shape and form (gas -> liquid -> solid) according to the environment.

A brick, on the other hand, is extremely rigid and doesn’t change form unless significant force is applied.

Let’s now consider the flow factor.

If we were to pour water down an inclined surface it would ultimately flow to the bottom regardless of the size or number of obstacles in the way (short of a dam completely blocking the path).

If, however, we were to attempt sliding a brick down the same surface it would immediately stop at the first obstacle.

Why are we talking about this?

A big/huge portion of life is addressing the issues and obstacles that come up, and the change that we must adapt to.

Individuals that accomplish their goals and dreams are tenacious (never give up) and willing to change. They flow like water.

Individuals that struggle (don’t accomplish their goals) exhibit the qualities of a brick. That is, they let change or obstacles (small or large) get in their way, completely disrupting the flow. These are the individuals that, quite frankly, are left behind.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Do I flow like water, or a brick?

We can tell the difference by how quickly we move from issue or obstacle identification to ACTION which is designed to remove or dismiss the obstacle.

When water meets an obstacle it will immediately go over, under, around, maybe even through it, as the case may be. If it is completely blocked it will ultimately evaporate into gas and therefore eventually continue its flow, albeit in a different form.

A brick, on the other hand, just sits there facing the obstacle, going nowhere.

Have you heard the quote:

You cannot steer a parked car.

If we continue moving forward, regardless of the issues or obstacles in our path, we will ultimately achieve our goals and dreams. Our every step may not be perfect. However, by moving forward we are, more often than not, at least making directionally correct progress. And, as things change or new information emerges we can adjust our steps accordingly.

To achieve ANYTHING in life requires commitment and determination: tenacity. Obstacles need not stop us and change need not disrupt us. These are mere stepping stones on the path to our goals and dreams.

If we consistently flow like water (over, under, around or through obstacles and change) we become an unstoppable force of nature!


Enjoy the flow!

One thought on “Do You Flow Like Water, or a Brick?

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