Mind Like Water – Introduction

Coincidentally this phrase (Mind Like Water) has recently come up in 2 separate contexts:

  1. In response to my post on “Do you flow like water, or a brick” a reader referenced “Mind Like Water” as quoted by Bruce Lee, in their comment.
  2. As I continue listening to the audio program recommended in the post “How to Maximize Efficiency Towards Goal Achievement” this phrase (Mind Like Water) is constantly reinforced.

As a result, I am inspired to launch a series of posts on this theme.

The goal: help others setup a foundation from which to build a life of effortless abundance.

Doesn’t that sound way too good to be true?

Well, it (a life of abundance) will certainly not be handed to you. And, it doesn’t come for free. You WILL have to work your tail off.

Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Effortless abundance from working your tail off?

The reality is that many people are already doing so (working their tail off), but literally going around and around in circles in the process. What if ALL your efforts were highly focused and moving you daily towards the end you seek? And, you enjoyed the process along the way? THAT, is the effortless abundance I’m referring to.

Yes, there will be obstacles and set-backs. But, we can meet these obstacles and set-backs (that WILL definitely emerge) while proceeding forward with “directionally correct” motion. And, making the necessary adjustments along the way.

Realize this: “Most” people who have the life you admire arrived there, not by luck, or chance, or because it was handed to them. They did it through discipline and hard work.

If you’d like some (abundant life), read on 🙂

This series of posts is all about creating habits that will reward you richly, and is based upon the principle: We either discipline ourselves or someone else will. The choice really is ours.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Emptying the mind
  • Developing the mind
  • Mind the finances
  • Mind the career
  • Mind the balance

Before we get started on this journey, a question…Do you notice the common thread, in the topics above? The mind! Our mind is a powerhouse and everything starts and ends with mind.

Have you heard the quote: As you think, so shall you become.

This has been attributed to many, including: James Allen as well as Bruce Lee (the latter perhaps getting it from the former). And, you will find a similar quote in the Bible: For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he – Proverbs 23:7 (KJV)

In fact, James Allen wrote a short book (more like an essay) on the topic “As a Man (or Woman) Thinketh” which (for absolutely free) you can:

In closing, take a couple hours over the next few days to read or listen to the above. In the coming days and weeks look for the posts, promised above, to provide details on how to have “Mind Like Water” leading to a life of effortless abundance – which results from focused discipline and hard work.

One thought on “Mind Like Water – Introduction

  1. […] Bottom-line: You must press forward on ALL fronts. You might ask: “What are “ALL these fronts?” Well, I’ve written enough for now. But, you can learn more in the series of posts introduced as: Mind Like Water. […]

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