Are We A Mole – Part 2

Well, the day after humanely releasing the mole found in our basement, there was another sighting.

I immediately jumped in my car and headed to the store for some rodent poison and traps.

Upon my return, during the process of placing the traps, I again heard rustling inside the bag of birdseed.

Let the executions begin.

At this point, 3 moles have met their maker. Each by the same cause: they couldn’t resist the temptation to explore the bag of birdseed, just like their predecessor. The effect: an untimely death.

I’ll again pose the question asked in a prior post: Are we like this?

That is, are we living a life that mirrors a less than fortunate (even poor) upbringing?

Was our mother or father abusive, an alcoholic and/or non-existent? Much more importantly, are we exhibiting the same behavior in our own adult lives and/or do we feel constrained by this upbringing in ways that are holding us back?

I heard the story of 2 boys who grew up in a home with a father who was a raging alcoholic. As adults, one was a teetotaler; the other a raging alcoholic. Both were asked how they arrived at their current state in life and each had the same answer: “What else would you expect, based on the kind of childhood and upbringing I had?”

Did you catch that? Both came from the same environment. But each made a different decision about what that experience would mean to them.

If you are struggling with breaking free of a mold, cast in childhood, seek help! This can be in the form of a trusted advisor, counselor, Pastor or Rabbi. In addition, there are tons of self-help materials that can be used as a “do-it-yourself” project.

A book that I would recommend as a “jolt” to the status quo is:


Like other recommendations, this book is available in print and audio format on If you want to get started, simply download the book and begin listening – NOW.

Bottom-line: We have a choice as to how we live our life and the outcomes (good or bad) that result! We need not be constrained by our upbringing and/or our own bad decisions.

I Dare You to live YOUR life by breaking free of the past.

p.s. – Hopefully, given the loss of 3 moles, there will be fewer predators after my lawn this year 🙂

One thought on “Are We A Mole – Part 2

  1. James Harrington says:

    Great post Craig! Happy Easter! Pastor Jim

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