The Future of Work – Is Here Now!

Many years ago, while listening to a motivational program, the speaker predicted that with the proliferation of technology our workdays would become increasingly shorter (than the typical 9-to-5). At the time it seemed like a logical prediction.

Fast-forward to the present day and we find that the working day for many has actually increased as we humans try to keep up with the output of technology, and the fact that we can easily take our work home (or elsewhere).

The good news is that we can choose to look at things in a more positive light. That is, the true reality is that we have (the opportunity for) greater flexibility in our lives than ever before.

The inspiration for this post comes from a Forbes article titled: 2015 Forecast: You’ll Never Work the Same Way Again, which you are encouraged to read.

In summary, the article outlines current and emerging trends in the way we work. From my perspective, this is NOT a prediction. Instead, it outlines the way I’ve been working for the last dozen years, since launching my consulting business, and how many others I work with have configured their lives 🙂

As so clearly outlined in the closing paragraph:

It’s never been easier to strike out on your own and scale up your business, earn fees from both sharing your expertise and your stuff, and ply your craft from everywhere at anytime. We’re increasingly living in a world where passion, collaboration, and technology all play an equally crucial role in the way we make our living.

ANYONE can have this flexibility in their working lives, provided they are:

  1. Extremely valuable (in high demand) in the workplace
  2. Technologically savvy
  3. Of the appropriate frame of mind

Let’s cover each of these requirements.

Being In High Demand

This starts with being a “go-to person.” The first person people think of when something important needs to get done, regardless of how difficult the task may be!

This individual demonstrates personal initiative and has developed SIGNIFICANT expertise in a particular domain (or domains).

Instead of going further into this topic here, I’ll simply suggest that you click here to reference a prior post that covers this in great detail.

Technologically Savvy

Being technologically savvy does NOT mean that we must be a geek, coder or hacker. It does mean that we must be completely mobile (untethered), which requires that we own and are highly proficient in using:

  • A laptop or tablet
  • A smartphone
  • The common “office” applications
  • The virtually unlimited resource known as the Internet

For anyone who is not there yet, have no fear. Any technology that is not presently in your hands can be acquired quite inexpensively. And, there are numerous opportunities to learn how to use all of the above in training courses (at your local high school, community college, retail stores, online, etc.).

Appropriate Frame of Mind

The most important aspect of this topic is being in the appropriate frame of mind. That is, if/when you have nailed the first 2 requirements, it is now merely a decision to break away from the rest of the pack.

Realize that just because others jump in their car each morning for the commute to work, to spend the day inside a building grinding it out, to then jump in the car for the commute home does NOT mean you have to operate this way.

Being present (in a particular building) does NOT necessarily provide value. Yes, some jobs may require this. But, we do have a choice where we work.

Bottom-line: Delivering value simply means getting stuff done / moving a cause forward. And, as outlined in the article: 2015 Forecast: You’ll Never Work the Same Way Again with the right skills, passion and use of technology we can deliver value from virtually anywhere on the planet 🙂

Life is so good!

p.s. – If you are considering getting on this path you are encouraged to read the prior posts on Launching a Consulting Business. Even if you have no desire to become a consultant, this series of posts covers topics that apply to ANYONE who would like to “do their own thing.”

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