Launching a Consulting Business – Be There!

So far, we’ve discussed our #1 Marketing Channel (the Internet) quite extensively, as well as a basic approach to networking.

To ensure we continue our marketing activities, there is another area to address: Organizations and/or associations which may have participants (members and/or attendees) who are your target prospects.

The process can be quite simple, taken in stages.

Stage 1) Attend events sponsored by these organizations and apply the networking technique shared in a prior post.

Stage 2) Offer (unofficially or officially) to volunteer. This could include performing things behind the scenes (setting up for a conference) or on the front-line (staffing a registration desk).

Stage 3) Position yourself as “front and center.” This can include performing as a moderator for a panel discussion and/or speaking on a topic for which you have significant expertise.

Know that any organization of quality (i.e., they have active members who consistently attend events) are STARVING for high quality individuals to join them in any of the above 3 “stages.”

Note: In the beginning you will most likely have to cover your own costs (travel, lodging, event registration, etc.). However, as your business gains recognition and/or you’ve consistently demonstrated you can deliver value “to the crowd” the more likely it will become for the organization to “begin” footing your bill (lodging, event registration, etc.). And, over time, you may even be able to capture a nice fee for speaking at a larger event.

Bottom-line: Showing up is half the battle. Simply, be there!

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