Where Do I Get A Job Like That?!?

It has been quite a while since my last post. This results from being over-the-top busy with the combination of selling our current home, acquiring a new home (both of which are still in process) and client engagements. More on that later…

Recently, while on a mountain bike ride during “normal” business hours, I received a call from a Project Management (PM) candidate who I was considering presenting to one of my clients. Since I was on a short break, to catch my breath after climbing a grueling hill, I was able to take the call.

The PM candidate asked if I had a moment to talk and I said: “Sure, I’m on a bike ride and have a few minutes to chat, as I’m taking a quick break.

He said: “Wow, where do I get a job like that?” I responded with a chuckle and we then held our conversation.

Thinking more about the call I felt compelled to write this post to reinforce that, it is NOT THAT HARD to have a job like that. A “job” that affords significant flexibility while still paying the bills.

How does one go about doing so? Feel free to scour this site for TONS of insight on how one becomes highly productive and self-employed. Pay special attention to the series of posts on Launching a Consulting Business. The purpose of this post is to add some icing on the cake based on the current example, in which I’m working to provide a client with a seasoned PM to meet their needs.

You see, under most circumstances consulting firms and headhunters will ONLY present candidates to their clients when they are sure to reap a financial reward from doing so. This can include, for example, a fee in the form of a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary or a minimum commitment period to source the candidate under contract.

To be clear, I too like reaping financial rewards 🙂

In this case, the highly qualified PM candidate, who I have worked with previously, was more interested in full-time employment than contract work. But, he was open to explore contract opportunities as well, if that best suited the client.

Realizing this, I presented the client with what I’d consider to be the ultimate in options. That is, they could consider engaging the candidate as:

  • Contract PM – through my company
  • Contract to permanent PM – through my company (a “try before you buy” scenario)
  • Permanent employee – with no strings (financial commitments) attached

While unconventional, I have found that this approach (which I’ve taken numerous times) has gone a LONG way towards building solid client relationships. So much so, that I receive inquiries “almost” every single week from people looking for Project Management help. This, with NO marketing activities taking place or related expenses being incurred 🙂

In summary, my top priority is to connect great people with great opportunities. If I am able to reap a financial benefit, fantastic. If not, I’ve at least delivered (unforgettable) value, by connecting a highly skilled person to a great opportunity and making it extremely easy for a client to fulfill their need.

I wonder who they’ll call the next time they need PM help?

In closing, I’m not bragging, or looking for a pat on the back. What I am doing is laying it out there. That is, if all we go for is the short term (quick buck) we will spin our wheels for the rest of our lives. If, however, our primary objective is to constantly deliver value to all involved we get to do some mountain biking during “normal” business hours 🙂

Now THAT is the job for me!

While the example shared relates to a consulting business, the principle applies regardless of vocation. If we constantly deliver more value than expected we will be, must be, rewarded! Alternatively, if all we do is what we are paid to do, then we are already being paid for all we are worth. We must do more to earn more!

All the best!

p.s. – It is good to be writing again…More to come…

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