The Powerhouse Project Manager – Pulling It All Together

Several months ago I covered the topic: Powerhouse PM (Project Manager), an invaluable resource in the business community and society, in general. And, I’ve personally found it to be a GREAT / rewarding vocation (career and business choice)!

Since many aspects of this topic were covered across several posts, I thought it would be helpful to create an index to provide easier / consolidated access to the articles covering this topic. As such, consider this a table of contents. You may click on any of the topics below to be transported to the corresponding post.

The Powerhouse Project Manager:

In closing, I hope this helps provide an understanding of what a Powerhouse PM is, how to become one (if that is your aspiration) or what you should expect from one, if you anticipate engaging one to complete a critical project!

All the best!


One thought on “The Powerhouse Project Manager – Pulling It All Together

  1. […] In our case study example here, the client “merely” needs a highly capable PM to keep them aligned towards the successful execution of this very important project. Hence, the need for a Powerhouse PM. […]

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