ALWAYS Get a Room With a Balcony!

My wife and I are at Hampton Beach, as I write / post this.

We decided a couple of days ago to spend 1-2 nights here as the weather looked PERFECT for the beach!

As we’ve done before, we simply packed up, drove here and then figured out where we’d stay.

When we arrived, on a Wednesday afternoon, the main strip (Ocean Boulevard) was packed with cars and people: the normal scene for a hot, sunny, summer day.

About a 1/2-mile onto the strip we spotted a place we had stayed previously. On queue, Cindy jumps out of the car and runs into the office to see if they have any good rooms available. I’m sitting with the car idling in the walking lane as scores of people must avoid me (an annoying obstacle in their path): for what seemed like an eternity. Why doesn’t she just get the room?, I’m asking myself 🙂

Finally, she returns. They ONLY had rooms with an ocean view, but no balcony. She checked-out each available room with the host, and decided they weren’t good enough. At this point I just wanted to get on with life at the beach, but went with her lead.

Thankfully, the motel she visited gave her names and numbers of 2 other places with balconies, which may or may not have availability for the night. We called the first one: $250 / night. Too much! Upon calling the second place we scored: a reasonably priced room with a balcony.

Once we unloaded, parked Rover and finally got into the room I was VERY happy that Cindy didn’t give up by merely accepting a room with a view (as I might have).

You might ask, Why oh why is a balcony so important? So many reasons!

  • We got to sit outside and experience the fresh ocean breeze and watch all the hot cars and cool people go by 🙂
  • We were only 2 rooftops away from the restaurant where the folk singer was strumming on his guitar and sharing some GREAT tunes!
  • We had a front row seat to the awesome fireworks display (which we didn’t expect)
  • We have a nearly 180-degree view of the Atlantic Ocean! The first picture was taken the afternoon we arrived. The second is of this morning’s sunrise, as I began writing this post. If you click on the images you’ll get a better view…



During our time cruising the strip, looking for our room, I noticed that one of my favorite rock bands, from my teenage years, Blue Oyster Cult, is playing tonight at the Hampton Beach Casino and Ballroom!

So, shortly after settling in to our room I ordered 2 tickets. That is what we’ll be doing tonight 🙂

Now, since the room we are currently in was only available for one night we must go through the “find a room with a balcony” exercise all over again 🙂

Hopefully we’ll score an even better balcony and get out on the beach in the next couple of hours. Wish us luck!

In closing, never settle in life.

When going on vacation, get a room with a balcony. Don’t get stuck in a room that merely has a view. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Have a great day!

One thought on “ALWAYS Get a Room With a Balcony!

  1. Craig Bailey says:

    p.s. – Lest you are worried about us…We just scored a MUCH BETTER room (suite) with a balcony, just next door to last night’s room. So, we are set for the day.

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