How do you get through your day?

For every excuse that we have for NOT working towards or realizing our dreams, there are people who have done so despite unbelievable challenges. We all know of prime examples such as Helen Keller.

Watch this short video for a modern day example and inspiration.

A friend and business associate of mine, from the UK, just sent me the following quote, which I think is apropos!

Any area of your life that is not empowered will be overpowered. If you don’t fill each day with high priority actions, your day will fill up with low priorities.  If you don’t clearly define, plan and pursue your highest aspirations in your career you will keep being positioned in low priority positions that are unfulfilling.” ~ Dr John Demartini

I hope this provides you a “shot in the arm” to help you “make it through your day” and realize that you too can achieve your dreams!

5 thoughts on “How do you get through your day?

  1. lunardakota says:

    Great post! You are really good at this!


  2. BillT says:

    Good stuff Craig – a daily inspirational poke is good for all!

  3. […] each observed people who came from nothing (minimal to no “formal” education, severe handicaps, and the like) and made it big – REALLY […]

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