The $25,000 Idea!

Want an idea that will significantly boost your productivity on and off the job, that a man was once paid $25,000 for? And, an approach that can help create balance in your life so you can enjoy dinner with your family “most” evenings?

What is amazing about this (true) story is the fact that it originates from the early 1900’s! So, in today’s terms this $25k idea is worth SO MUCH MORE! Yet, it is just as applicable now as it was back then.

As described in previous posts, we can make excellent use of our time by converting our vehicle into a University on Wheels. One of my favorite authors to listen to is Earl Nightingale, who presents this $25k idea in several of his programs.

In a nutshell, the $25k idea is this:

Write down the six most important things you have to do. Then number them in the order of their importance. And tomorrow morning, go to work on number one. Stay with it till it’s successfully completed, and then move on to number two, and so on. When you’ve finished with all six, get another piece of paper and repeat the process. You’ll be astonished and delighted at the order it brings into your life and at the rate of speed with which you’ll be able to accomplish the things that need doing in the order of their importance. This simple but tremendously effective method will take all the confusion out of your life. You’ll never find yourself running around in circles wondering what to do next. ~ Earl Nightingale

Quite a simple method that we ALL can apply and benefit from. Yes, “life happens” and things may not always be that simple. The original / complete text of this story provides additional details and nuances on this method. If you’d like to learn more feel free to click here (more free info!).

We all have experienced the feeling (called stress) that we have “way more to do” in a day than there is available time. I have found that when I spend a few moments at the beginning of each day applying the above method I am able to get the “most important” things done towards the accomplishment of my goals and objectives. And, I have time left over (most days) to spend precious time with family and friends.

Another relevant quote from a contemporary personal effectiveness coach is:

Every minute you spend in planning, saves 10 minutes in execution.” ~ Brian Tracy

That is a 10-fold return on our time!!!

If you feel you need to continue putting in an increasing number of hours every day, just to keep up, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and give this method a try. The alternative: burn-out.

Hope you find the $25k idea as effective for you as it has been for me!

3 thoughts on “The $25,000 Idea!

  1. Bill C says:

    That sounds very effective – I’ll give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • Craig Bailey says:

      Go for it Bill!

      While very simple, it can make a big / HUGE difference. And, if you haven’t read the “full text” of this method that is linked to the post, you are encouraged to do so. It provides additional details on making it work effectively.

      All the best!

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