Are You A Financial Adult?

During my daily check-in to Yahoo! Finance I came across a fantastic article that I felt compelled to share…

The title: 16 Things That Make You A Financial Adult

In summary, the article (a very short but extremely valuable read) shares 16 things (I’d refer to as puzzle-pieces) that are necessary to become a financial adult. Click here to learn how to create financial maturity in your life.

One puzzle-piece that I’d suggest is missing from the article is that of giving. Giving to the local church, charities and causes that help those who are less fortunate.

To be clear, this is much more than chucking some pocket change (and the accompanying lint) into the Salvation Army’s bucket on the way into the grocery store. While this is good, try anonymously donating an amount that will blow somebody’s mind away. The reward (the feeling) from doing so is absolutely amazing. And, it can put a whole new perspective on things as we consider our daily grind (punching of the clock). That is, we can make a big / huge difference in someone else’s life.

The rewards go far beyond “the feeling.” Demonstrating that we have faith by the willingness to participate in the flow (vs. hoarding) of resources makes room for much more to come into our lives.

Makes me think of the lyrics to a classic rock song:

The good book says it’s better to give than to receive. I do my best to do my part. ~ Triumph

In closing, there are a handful of puzzle pieces that must be put together to become a financial adult. And, there is no better way to close-the-loop, demonstrating financial maturity (competence and confidence), than by giving – the 17th piece to the puzzle…

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