Unemployed? Unable To Make Ends Meet? There Is An Answer!

I just HAD to take this quick break from my lawn maintenance project, which will hopefully be the end to my battle with grubs and moles in the backyard.

I just returned from Lowe’s with enough chemicals for the EPA to consider my yard a superfund site 🙂

Anyway, as I entered Lowe’s I observed a large chalkboard which listed 8-10 jobs which they are looking to fill RIGHT NOW! These jobs range from somewhat low-skilled labor, to what would seem to be a bit higher skilled (i.e., technicians and a management position).

On my way home I passed our local Goodwill store and they have a prominent sign by the side of a very busy street: Now Hiring!

Why oh why are there SO MANY available jobs when there are so many people (young and old) who could use work? This “need for work” would include the unemployed (especially the people who stand on the islands in the middle of the street with a sign saying: “Will work for food!“) as well as ANYONE who is presently unable to make ends meet with their current job.

Is it that they are not satisfied, perhaps embarrassed or even offended by the level and pay offered by these fine companies.

I’d like to suggest that if the above is the case for you, you are looking at the wrong end of the equation.

Bottom-line: It isn’t how much you make. It is how much you SPEND!

Here are some telling questions if you are unemployed and/or unable to make ends meet:

  • Do you still have cable or satellite TV?
  • How much did you spend last week on:
    • Cigarettes and/or booze?
    • Eating out (including Dunkin Donuts or worse, from a cost perspective, Starbucks coffee)?
    • Entertainment (the movies, monster truck show or rock concert)?

Frankly, if you are NOT taking available jobs in your community to provide for your family (but instead living off the state, other people or increasing debt) then I’d suggest you absolutely CANNOT afford ANY of the things listed above and others that are not included (just use your imagination).

For those this article applies to (the unemployed and/or unable to make ends meet), hopefully this short post served (at least) a few purposes:

  1. Let you know of available jobs in the community of Greater Hudson. And, I assume the same exists in other communities.
  2. Prompted you to face reality and consider RUTHLESSLY SLASHING expenses so that you are able to live within your means.
  3. If you should have a spouse and/or children, you can provide an example of the work ethic this great country was founded on. That is, do whatever it takes (so long as it is legal, ethical and morally right) to provide for your family.

All the best!

p.s. – Now back to whacking grubs and moles 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unemployed? Unable To Make Ends Meet? There Is An Answer!

  1. beaverfood says:

    I’ve recently seen Help Wanted/Now Hiring signs in Bangor, ME, at Home Depot and Lowes. From the time I was 15 years old, I worked until age 65. I bought all my clothing, bought my mother her first real refrigerator, and paid my own way through 4 years of college, with a little financial help from my wife. We had a child during my 3rd year of college. And, we paid for two new vehicles. Upon graduation, we had a loan for college expenses of about $1,000. During my last year in college, I not only had a part-time job, I was also self-employed, serving 16-18 small businesses, doing their bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns. If you have that fire in your gizzard to more than just survive, there are legal ways to make money and get ahead! Always will be!

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