The Importance of Momentum

As I write this, I just returned from an afternoon on my bike, riding some of the most difficult terrain around. This includes a bit of “hike-a-bike.” That is, there are portions of this trail that I don’t imagine anyone could ride. So, you must push or carry your bike.

The scratches from thorns and branches are still stinging my arms and shin. The trophies of a good ride 🙂

This particular “trail system” is only a quarter of a mile from my front door. I say trail system as there are numerous individual trails that one can take. I chose a 10-mile loop which starts by following powerlines. There are portions of this trail (even along the powerlines) that would seem to be no-man’s land. That is, there is NOTHING but wildlife, streams, beaver dams and the resulting ponds. No sound or sight of man.

After 4+ miles along the powerlines I took a path that veers off into another trail system which loops back home.

Below is a picture of the track as recorded by the AllTrails app on my iPhone, offered by National Geographic.


Even cooler is the fact that AllTrails provides the option to view additional details of each recorded track online. For example, to view today’s ride simply click here. If you should visit the site, you can zoom in on the image and see the myriad trails as well as the topography of the terrain which includes some very steep inclines (hike-a-bike) and declines (hang on for your life 🙂 ).

I digress…

During today’s ride I was constantly reminded of a common statement that we riders make while traversing difficult terrain. That is: Keep up your momentum. Otherwise, you’ll get hung-up on a rock, root, stump, turtle, etc. Yep, I almost hit a couple of turtles today 🙂

An added benefit of keeping up the momentum (especially in the woods) is you don’t need bug spray. Because, if you stop you’ll get eaten alive.

The same advice goes for life.

If we have no momentum as we contemplate (and “think” we are working towards) a goal (a personal or work-related task, project or objective) then every single obstacle seems extremely difficult and insurmountable.

However, with momentum we just keep meeting these head-on and knocking them down. Before long we are doing this without even considering them obstacles. They merely become unforeseen tasks, questions, issues, etc. that must be addressed along the path. No problem…

Reminds me of a quote I’ve shared before:

You cannot steer a parked car

You see, the car isn’t moving. And, since it is going nowhere, it cannot be directed.

Do you have ideas on how you might accomplish any of the following:

  • Improve your personal life / situation or that of someone else important to you
  • Increase your education
  • Grow your business
  • Increase your income

Realize, that once you select and fully commit to one of your ideas and begin acting on it the fulfillment of the objective is only a matter of time.

Yes, there will be unforeseen obstacles. Who cares?!? Just go over, under, around or through them, as they come up. While you may need to change your plan to realize the objective, and receive a few bumps, bruises and scratches along the way, if it is important to you and you keep at it, you can get there.

So, long as you maintain momentum.

All the best!

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