Who Are We Listening To?

The media has the tendency of sharing bad news.

Misery loves company, so it is an easy sell. Share bad news, people listen. Media’s goal: attract as many “eyeballs” as possible (on TV, radio, newspaper and the web) to up their ratings and up their revenue from advertising. Quite simple, actually…

But, do you and I really need to allow a garbage truck to pull up to our brains on a daily basis and let them DUMP all this negative energy in? My opinion: it only serves to slow us down.

We have a choice:

  • Listen to the stuff (misery is made of) and wallow around in it
  • Turn it off – completely, and do something productive
  • Tune-in to what can make a difference in our lives and the lives of our children

During my visit to Yahoo! Finance today, there were several articles I had to skip covering the elections and the undercurrents of low wages, income inequality, etc.

The reality: This doesn’t REALLY have to matter – unless we allow it! If you disagree (many will, I know), please read on…

As I skim the day’s “eye-candy” on the web I look for uplifting stories that share the potential each and every one of us have, if we simply make the decision and take appropriate action.

I was encouraged today, when I found an article covering how A 27-Year-Old Millionaire Reveals How He Built His Wealth. Click here to view it.

Contrary to what many would think, he did not:

  • Receive an inheritance from a rich relative
  • Found a .com company making it big in an IPO
  • Win the lottery

What did he do? In a nutshell, he:

  • Worked hard
  • Began saving as much as possible, early, when he was still earning minimum wage
  • Entered the military
  • Maintained a low cost of living
  • Invested early and wisely
  • Set goals and tracked progress

He is ONLY 27…I can just imagine where he’ll be in another 5 years 🙂

This doesn’t sound that hard, does it?

If you watch the video, you don’t here this person talking about low wages, income inequality, the economy or any other EXCUSES. You hear him talking about making the best of what he had access to.

The biggest thing most of us need to overcome is the need for instant gratification. By simply focusing on the above for a relatively short period of time anyone (short of those we must absolutely help, because they cannot work due physical or mental handicaps) can become a millionaire.

So, the choice becomes: listen to the negative input (from the news, relatives and/or friends) about what can’t be done and stay right where we are. Or, tune it out, make productive use of our time and DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR FUTURE.

We are all endowed with the same resources at birth (a brain for thinking and a body for moving around) which we own free and clear! Other than the exceptions noted above, it is simply a matter of what we do with these resources.

All the best!

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