Into The Woods – Again (Pawtuckaway)

Continuing in the spirit of reinforcing why one would go about doing “all the hard work” outlined in this blog, just sharing some of the freedom that can be realized…So, here we go again – “into the woods.”

Camping Trip #3, during the summer of 2014…

Just a few days after returning from our second trip (of the summer) to Mooselookmeguntic Lake, we had yet another opportunity to do some “mid-week” camping.

Several months ago our 21-year old (Aaron) and his younger brother (Ethan / 19) reserved a site at Pawtuckaway Lake State Park, for Aaron’s 22nd birthday. This was previously our favorite place to camp, prior to our more recent excursions to our new favorite spot (Mooselookmeguntic). The only thing about Pawtuckaway is that they actually have running water and hot showers, things I ONLY take advantage of after several days of camping (whether I need it or not 🙂 ).

As the date was getting closer Aaron learned that none of his friends could “get away” for  a week-long camping trip and that Ethan and his friends were the only ones that could “potentially” make it. Being that Aaron was the only one “of age” he realized that he’d be asked to be the source of their…spirits…and the one accountable for the happenings of the campsite. Not a pretty picture 🙂

He made a wise decision and asked Cindy and I if we’d like to join them for his birthday camping expedition. After considering this for about…zero seconds…we said – “sure!”

Turned out that Aaron and Ethan couldn’t be there the first night (as they both had clients to train), so Cindy and I packed up and headed for the site, which is only a short, 40-minute drive from our house. As such, we were quickly there and had our site setup for the week.

This was our front yard.

photo 3

On day-2 the 2 boys arrived with our 5th son (Joey, a neighbor). Here they are (left-to-right: Joey, Aaron and Ethan) preparing to launch the canoe for a “trip” on the lake.

photo 1

While you might be thinking, “doesn’t it get monotonous doing all this camping?”. The short answer is: NO! Every trip is a new and unique adventure.

Turns out that on our 3rd day heavy rains were expected. And, nature didn’t disappoint. It POURED – sheets of rain! The boys eloquently characterized their opinion, by saying: “this SUCKS!”

photo 2

Shortly there-after, the boys broke down their tents (in the pouring rain), packed up and headed home. It is again, just Cindy and I…We were NOT about to leave such a beautiful spot 🙂

After enjoying a few more days of camping for the summer (so far), we packed up for our trip home.

photo 4

In a future post I’ll share details of our 4th camping trip of the summer, (again, to Mooselookmeguntic), which is where we plan to be at the time “this post” is scheduled to launch 🙂

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