Can we retire (early) — as a Millionaire?

Let’s get real – about retirement.

First, let’s realize that we do NOT need to wait until 62, 65, 70 or older to retire. It is possible to retire much sooner than that. And, better yet, do so as a millionaire!

This does NOT require that we win the lottery, score big on an IPO, receive an inheritance or participate in a get rich quick scheme. In fact, getting money for nothing may be the worst thing that could happen to a person (the topic of a prior post).

During my daily check-in at Yahoo! Finance, I came across a video: “How These Average Joes Retired Millionaires.

In summary, two “average Joes” share their real-life stories and strategies that allowed them to get there. As outlined in this blog, these strategies include: raising the bridge (incrementally increasing one’s career income), lowering the water (reducing expenses) and investing conservatively. If you have ANY doubt about early retirement (as a millionaire) click here to watch this short (< 4-minute video).

Second, retirement does not mean that we pull up a rocking chair and burn-off the remainder of our years. I don’t ever see myself sitting still (for too long); I’d go crazy. To me, retirement means not “having” to be anywhere or do anything related to earning money to cover expenses.

By following the crowd, most people in our society are destined to retire in their 60’s or later — if at all. There is another way: apply the simple strategies to make this happen much sooner (in one’s 30’s, 40’s or 50’s). Doing so allows us to invest our freedom and flexibility for a much longer period of time on things we truly enjoy and causes that make a difference in the world!

All it takes is focus and discipline.

Following are 2 recommended readings for getting our finances under control in such a way that places early, active and productive retirement (as a millionaire) well within reach.


Don’t be safe (by following the crowd). Be Brave. Step out, take charge of your financial future. You too can be free from the bondage of debt and employment (sooner rather than later).

Have a great day!

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