A Voluntary Tax – Willingly Paid?!?

Would you pay a voluntary tax? One that the government doesn’t even “require.”

Many do, each and every week. What is this voluntary tax?

It also goes by the sexy phrase: “playing the lotto.”

For financially independent gamers with nothing better to do with their money, go for it! For those who are not financially independent, here is another step (among others outlined in this blog) you can take towards achieving this very reasonable, goal.


Consider the cost of this little, insignificant expense. Let’s say we were to play the lottery (or scratch tickets) ONLY once per week (I know, others play more) and we ONLY spend $5 (I know, others spend more) the annualized cost of this would be $260, making the cost over 10 years a whopping $2,600.

To be sure, someone always wins the “jackpot.” However, it is often the worst thing that could have happened to that person.  Check out this article on “Why Lottery Winners Crash After A Big Win.” Some might say “I’d love to have those problems.”

In all forms of gambling, the odds are heavily stacked against us. The house always wins!

Want true success and “riches”? Take the money being spent on the lottery and invest in books and audio programs as part of a continuous improvement program. And, get to work! If you keep at it, for a sufficient amount of time, you can have (virtually) anything (maybe not everything) you desire.

In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that” 🙂

One thought on “A Voluntary Tax – Willingly Paid?!?

  1. […] This does NOT require that we win the lottery, score big on an IPO, receive an inheritance or participate in a get rich quick scheme. In fact, getting money for nothing may be the worst thing that could happen to a person (the topic of a prior post). […]

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