Ever Pet A Flying Squirrel?

Living on the lake affords Cindy, I and our visitors constant opportunities to view wildlife.

Monday of this week is the record (so far).

First…Upon my return trip from picking up the mail (our mailbox is about 1/2 a mile down the road) I spotted a fox trotting up the road, just ahead of me. Once he heard my approach he stopped, looked and waited, as I got close enough to take this picture.


What a beautiful creature! Click on the image for a closer look…

Shortly after returning home Cindy and I looked out our back window and saw several deer grazing in the yard. By the time we raised the shade so that I could snap this photo, only a single doe remained.


Not the best picture, but it does serve as “proof of deer.”

Later that afternoon we saw our friend the eagle soar across the cove. So far, I’ve been unable to get a reasonable photo of it in flight. But, I did take this snapshot several days ago as it stood on the ice at least 50 yards out.


Realize, this is a HUGE bird, especially obvious when viewing their wing span at take off!

Now, to the flying squirrels…

Over the last couple of months Cindy and I would be out on our deck in the early evening BBQ’ing dinner. And, we’d notice “something” fly by in the dark and land on the ground, out of sight. We didn’t think too much of it. Perhaps it was just a lone bird out a little later than the rest.

After experiencing this (something flying by in the dark) numerous times we were finally able to see a small creature scurrying along on the ground foraging for food. What is it? It couldn’t be. Yep, it’s a flying squirrel!

First time we had ever seen one.

Well, it gets better. To round out our Monday, we were again BBQ’ing and noticed that our friend the flying squirrel was perched on our bird feeder devouring seed.

I was able to get within 2 feet of it and take this picture.


Cindy actually pet the little guy. He stayed there for a few minutes until he became spooked and then launched himself into flight, and glided to the ground.

Now THAT is an amazing creature, topping off a great Monday at the lake!

Last evening we were once again BBQ’ing and noticed TWO flying squirrels perched on our bird feeder. I approached and one immediately launched into flight. The other stayed long enough for me to pet its tail.


Cindy and I are now tied, in that we have BOTH pet a flying squirrel 🙂

We are looking forward to spring and the other wildlife that is likely to emerge for our viewing pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Ever Pet A Flying Squirrel?

  1. baffirossi says:

    WOW! Can’t wait to get my mitts on one of those flyers!

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