Too Many Forms of To?

In response to a recent post, someone pointed out to me that a common Facebook friend of ours had grossly misused the word “to.”

Oh, my heavens 🙂

I had seen it “too” but hadn’t yet addressed the matter. I could, however, sense a blog post coming on…

Normally, I would have simply let it go. However, it was a Facebook post intended to promote awareness of this person’s profession, with the goal of attracting would-be clients.

So, it really does matter! That is, if this person wishes to be viewed as a professional vs. an amateur.

Prior to going into this, I’ll admit that I’m not above committing grammatical abominations myself 🙂

There are likely several in this very article…In fact, there have been a few occasions when readers of this blog courteously pointed out my infractions, to which I dutifully made corrections. Thank you for this!

Many years ago, when I was still enslaved (I mean employed) by Corporate America, I commented to my wife that [this woman who worked for me] had again sent me an email correcting a number of grammatical mistakes that I had made in a business document.

My wife responded: Doesn’t that bother you?

To which I answered with an emphatic: NO – She makes me look good!

After I left Corporate America to launch my business, I engaged this same person as editor for the newsletter articles I had been publishing to promote my business, to make sure we looked good.

It is in the spirit of helping others project a professional image (and look good) that I thought I’d, well, hammer on this a little 🙂

First, let’s be clear. At the end of the day, whether we use “to” or “too”, it is not hard for the reader to figure out what we are truly intending to communicate. However, there are many, MANY among us who will, very quickly, dismiss us as an amateur, unfit to engage with, due to improper grammar.

Like it, believe it, or not. It is real – very real.

And, if you intend to project yourself as a professional, this matters!

Now, let’s do a short lesson, because there are so many 2’s to consider (some may say too many 🙂 ):

  • Too
    • Definition: a higher degree; in addition; also
    • Examples: Too many; Too far
  • To
    • Definition: expressing motion in the direction of; identifying the person or thing affected
    • Examples: To go forth; To see
  • Two
    • Definition: equivalent to the sum of one and one; one less than three; 2.
    • Examples: Two Strikes; Two Turtledoves
    • Note: I know people don’t have trouble with this form of 2, silly. Just threw it in for fun!

If you (like me) would like to continuously improve your grammar a highly recommended reading is: Woe Is I, which can be acquired at by clicking on the image below.

Woe Is I

Remember, if you wish to be viewed as a professional THIS MATTERS!

That’s about all the talk of grammar that I can stomach today. I need to catch some waves here at Hampton Beach and body surf to shore, on this beautiful Thursday morning 🙂


All the best!

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