Are you prepared to live without technology?

After reading the prior post some may ask: Man, is this guy schizophrenic? He just hammered on the importance of leveraging available technology.

Just having some fun, and hoping to get you thinking.

Here we go…

Have you ever been involved in a power outage lasting multiple days? NOT a totally uncommon occurrence in New Hampshire (and other territories as well). In the 21 years we have lived here there have been several multi-day power outages, mainly due to snow. And, if I recall correctly, the longest in duration (for my home, at least) was 5-6 days. In other parts of the state it lasted longer!

For those who haven’t lived through a power outage, here are just a few things you live without, unless you are prepared:

  • Running water – To drink, and you’ll soon find the importance of the kind that refreshes the toilet 🙂
  • Heat – And, if the house temperature drops below 32 degrees the water pipes freeze, explode and cause damage.
  • Cold – The refrigerator no longer chills and items in the freezer thaw out.
  • The ability to cook resulting from no working stove, microwave, toaster or coffee maker
  • Other things we take for granted – Lights, TV, hair curler, etc.

What is a person to do?

We realize that power outages can be a hardship, even dangerous, for some. However, my family actually enjoys these experiences. It is an adventure, right at home! While it may not be quite as comfortable as when we have power, it is VERY close.

Why? Because we are prepared.

When the power goes out we simply start the generator, which powers the home essentials, and during the winter months fire-up the wood furnace.

One year, we also had the task of removing a large oak tree which had fallen across BOTH of our trucks. Was that a bad thing? No way. You should see all the firewood we reaped from that incident. We are still burning it 🙂

Now, the above steps (powering the home essentials and keeping things warm in the winter) are easy enough for a short term outage. But, what happens if it lasts multiple days? Things to consider include:

  • Fuel for the generator
  • Food and other supplies

First, we maintain additional supplies on-hand, including:

  • Several tanks of gasoline
  • An extra propane tank for the grill
  • Stocked cupboards (comes naturally for a family of 6 🙂 )

Even so, the above will become depleted over time…And, additional scenarios one must be prepared for include the possible added “inconvenience” of the local grocery stores, gas stations and other service providers not having power as well. This has been the case on more than one (power outage) occasion, simply adding a little complexity to the adventure. Some related twists may include:

  • The grocery store being open, but unable to process electronic transactions. No problem, if you have some cash stashed away for just such an occasion.
  • Gas stations, on the other hand, require power to pump the fuel out of the tank in the ground. As such, this requires a bit of travel to find a facility with power to do so. However, the roads may be in bad condition making it difficult to travel. Again, no problem. This is a lot of fun, with a 4 wheel drive vehicle 🙂
  • Often, when power outages occur landline telephones go down as well. To that I’d respond with: who cares? In all the years we’ve lived in NH we have NEVER lost cell signal during a power outage. I’m not saying this couldn’t happen, but it hasn’t – yet.

The above highlights how a family of 6 has smoothly sailed through a number of short-term adventures (I mean power outages).

Oh, and for those who are thinking they now know where to get all their stuff during an outage, I’ll let you know that we have guns – lots of guns 🙂

Now, what if there was a long-term outage lasting multiple weeks or months? Could you deal with this – at home?

I know, I know…Some will say: That is a very unlikely scenario. And, if it were to occur I’d simply be in the same boat as everyone else.


But, is this REALLY your line of thinking?

For many of us, there are very simple steps we can take to be prepared (as outlined above). Why do I say “many of us”? Because, those who live in an apartment building or in a city are “pretty much” dependent on someone else for many of the basics we take for granted. And, I’d dare go so far as to say that things would very likely become VIOLENT in a city, during an extended power outage! Not a place I’d want to be…

What is a person to do?

Get prepared. And, prepare your young-uns!

How? Well, if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience living off the land or in the wilderness, do so! Because, there are many parts of the country where you can actually sustain yourself indefinitely without electricity – if you know how. Realize, we mere humans did so many years ago. Some still do.

I am so glad I encouraged (they would say forced 🙂 ) all my boys to go through Cub Scouts. Not only is this a solid, character-building program it also serves to provide basic, pragmatic skills for survival that every human being should know.

We may not be anywhere close to the caliber of a Bear Grylls, but we are fortunate enough to live in an area and have the knowledge and experience to sustain ourselves off the land.

How about you?

Always remember: We are responsible for ourself!

I write this as I sit in a beautiful home on Moosehead Lake, in Maine, which is adorned with 3 deer heads, moose antlers, a bear skin, stuffed pheasant and several other animal pelts (fox, etc.). And, plenty of firewood!

Can you hear the loons?

Cindy and I are now going fishing, with the goal of hauling some trout out of the lake for dinner 🙂

All the best!

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