What Is My Prevailing Disposition Towards Life?

There are 3 words that we might use to characterize ourselves, as relates to our disposition towards life.

  1. Reactor
  2. Floater
  3. Creator

While we’ve ALL, at least temporarily, demonstrated characteristics of each of these, we generally have a tendency to fall into one of the above as our prevailing disposition.

Which are you?

The Reactors

For them:

  • Life is a constant struggle.
  • “Unforeseen” obstacles or issues seem to keep popping up – relentlessly.
  • Much of life is already decided, based upon someone else’s actions or decisions.
  • Negativity and complaining is the norm.
  • A great deal of thinking is focused on the past: “Oh, I wish I had or hadn’t“; “Where are the good ole days?” Or, fretting about the future: “How will I pay for…?“; “What will happen if…?
  • Happiness is something they are waiting on, from someone or something “out there.”
  • Circumstances rule the day.

The Floaters

This is the easy group. They don’t really care. The good news is that they don’t complain, either. They just take it as it comes and go with the flow. All-in-all, they seem to be a pretty happy bunch 🙂

The Creators

For them:

  • Life is an adventure, full of never-ending (often self-imposed) challenges and opportunities (i.e., EXPERIENCES).
  • Life’s issues and obstacles are immediately KNOCKED DOWN so they can keep moving.
  • No-one decides upon their life, but them.
  • Optimism and encouragement is the norm.
  • A great deal of thinking is focused on: “What am I going to do / achieve / become next?“; “Who / how can I help?
  • Happiness comes from the inside (the spirit), which is the ONLY source of joy!
  • Circumstances are CREATED when they don’t align with their aspirations.

The purpose of this post is NOT to judge a particular category. The point is to share perspective so that we each can determine which bucket we are in, decide if we are happy there and change if we are NOT happy.

Again, we’ve all exhibited characteristics from each of these broad categories, from time-to-time. That is only natural. The key question is: Which is the prevailing disposition for me?

Well, I’ll take the Creators.

How do I become a Creator? Scour this site and you will be on your way 🙂

Have a great week!

One thought on “What Is My Prevailing Disposition Towards Life?

  1. beaverfood says:

    I’ll judge a couple of these categories! During my working career, I was mostly involved with implementing various software projects. Unfortunately, I had to blast through way too many passive resistors who had “lost the sparkle in their ginger ale”; reactors and floaters. They may be fine folks, but they were certainly on the wrong road at the time. I definitely would not wish to be their co-pilot in a jet propelled aircraft, as their timeline on decision making would take them right into the side of a mountain. Bless the CREATORS!

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