Throw me to the WOLVES and I’ll return leading the Pack!

Concerned that it will just take too much time to achieve your goals and dreams?

Check-out this story…One that is very near and dear to my wife and I?

It begins with a truly good-hearted boy who had a very difficult life. He had NO father figure and was constantly exposed to negative influences.

There are many words that can be used to paint the picture of what he and his siblings witnessed during their childhood, including: drug and alcohol abuse, violence, crime and poverty. Let’s just leave it at that…

As he entered adulthood he fell into the wrong crowd. So much so, he ended up spending several years in prison.

Oh, we had hoped for so much more for our nephew 😦

But wait, there IS so much more – inside of him!

It has now been [only] 3 years since he has returned to the free world. And, here is what he has accomplished in a VERY short period of time

  • He is now married to an amazing, successful woman who has an outstanding career and a smart, healthy, beautiful daughter.
  • He is an exceptional father to his daughter from a prior marriage as well as his step daughter.
  • He has taken custody of his teenage sister and is providing her with a much-needed father figure, on a daily basis.
  • He and his wife own their own home, which includes an adjacent rental property that generates enough income to cover their mortgage.
  • He has earned 2 college degrees:
    • An Associates Degree in Business Administration.
    • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations.
  • He owns and operates his own business.
  • He maintains a full time job as a line supervisor in the food processing industry.
  • He is raising chickens 🙂

I write this as my wife and I prepare to attend his college graduation party, this weekend.

He has truly been an inspiration, as we have watched him fight tooth and nail to get where he is today.

He recently posted a comment on Facebook, which provided the title for this post.

A fitting quote, considering where he has come from.

What is even more inspiring, is that he has become a fantastic example of encouragement to his:

  • Siblings, who grew up in the same environment.
  • Cousins, who have been observing his life all-along.
  • Friends and associates.

The result: We are now observing the positive impact he is having on those around him!

He is making a big / HUGE difference in the lives of many because he is demonstrating what can happen when one decides to “jump the tracks.” That is, he provides an example of what is possible when someone absolutely refuses to continue living a life that would have otherwise been expected as “normal”, based on where he came from.

Nephew, we are so proud of you. We love you very much! Keep doing what you are doing! And, we’ll see you soon 🙂

In closing…I’d like to share a few things, in the event I’ve upset or offended anyone attached to this story:

  • Please read a prior post (EVERYTHING, ALWAYS Works Out!). In doing so, you will observe that our nephew’s story is a perfect example of how a “seemingly” unfortunate situation can be converted into an incredibly inspiring outcome! That is, we would otherwise NOT have this amazing story of encouragement if things didn’t happen exactly as they happened (good, bad or indifferent). It ALL happened for a reason!
  • Instead of defending how or why this story “began” would it make better sense to look in the mirror and decide if it is time to jump our own tracks, to change the outcome of our own life? We certainly have an inspirational example right in front of us 🙂
  • And, finally, let’s just completely throw-out the misguided idea that he is somehow “lucky” or that he “gets all the breaks.” Read again about how far he has come from…Nothing was given to him. He DECIDED on what he wanted and is now going for it. I cannot wait to see where he and his family will be in another 10 years. I’m sure it will be absolutely amazing!

If he can do it, so can you!

All the best!

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