The Moving Parking Lot

I do not miss the daily commute – especially during rush hour.

However, given the fact that I engage with clients, which involves onsite visits, I occasionally need to get on the dreaded moving parking lot.

Doing so recently, I recalled the fact that, early on in my career, when I was employed by Corporate America, I realized how much time I was wasting in traffic each day, when I could instead be producing…It was at this point that I consciously decided to do my morning commute prior to rush hour.

My particular logistics (home and work) required that I leave my house before 6am, to allow a commute at the speed limit (or better 😉 ), experiencing ZERO stop-and-go.

Not only did this save much time vs. waiting in traffic, it allowed me to get to work WAY BEFORE everyone else, thus getting an early start on my day prior to the many distractions that occur once co-workers are present.

Remember: Time is money. How much is your time worth?

Sitting in traffic, staring at a set of bright-red taillights, for ANY length of time is quite frankly, a complete waste! Not to mention the extra gas being burned doing the stop-and-go. And, of course, the time to deal with the occasional rear-ending we’ll receive from someone behind us who wasn’t paying attention.

To avoid the cost of wasted time and gain the benefits of an early arrival at work, all we need to do is get up a little earlier each day and do the commute before the highway turns into a parking lot.

If you’ve not already realized, the goal of this site is to reinforce (hammer on) the many little things that can contribute to a better life. Some may think that each individual item covered here is silly. They may be right (if each item were to be taken by itself).

The reality: there is NO silver bullet. Said another way, if you add up the SIGNIFICANT results that can be achieved by doing each and every one of the “little things” suggested, you can make a big / HUGE difference in your future.

Only YOU can create the future YOU desire. But, you must take charge and not follow the crowd (or a set of bright-red taillights).

One thought on “The Moving Parking Lot

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