Dealing With Team Dysfunction

If it weren’t for all the people involved, doing business, leading projects, etc. would be easy 🙂

Because working effectively with people (and teams) is so crucial, we must deal with team dysfunction.

In response to an earlier post (Competent Collaboration – Part 1) a long-time friend and business associate asked if I had read (or listened to) the book:

download (26)

He mentioned that he has referenced it numerous times in his efforts to successfully address team dysfunction in the various organizations he’s been involved.

Since I had not read this book, and because I respect this person’s opinion, I immediately went to to acquire my own audio edition. Then, I jumped on my bike and began listening.

What is really nice about this book is that the principles are shared in the form of a business fable. And, if you are like me (and my experience in Corporate America) you will be able to clearly visualize the reality of the situation, as we’ve all been there.

That is, in the “all too typical” corporate environment individual leaders are striving to meet or exceed their own / individual / functional-area goals. In many cases these individual goals do not necessarily support or line-up with the efforts and goals of their peers, which would serve to support the major objectives of the organization.

The above, and other factors covered in the book, lead to significant team dysfunction.

Not only does the book resonate with typical corporate reality, it clearly lays out a path to reduce / eliminate dysfunction.

By acknowledging and dealing with team dysfunction everyone begins rowing in the same direction, dramatically improving company (vs. individual) results.

If you must work with and/or lead teams of people, this book is a must-read / listen to.


2 thoughts on “Dealing With Team Dysfunction

  1. Chris Yetman says:

    This book (and a few others) is required reading for all my direct reports. It’s the first one I give them as a “homework assignment”. It’s a fantastic tool for getting everyone to learn to work together better.

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