Taking My Daily Dose of PMA

How often does the typical person bathe?

The answer: Daily – to get clean on the outside.

How often should we cleanse our brain to remain positive, effective and, quite simply, enjoy more out of life?

The answer: Daily!

If you’ve read the prior post on my Boot Camp Experience, you know that one of the ways I did this was by converting my vehicle into a university on wheels. This entailed listening to audio programs during my daily commute.

Since I don’t do this (daily commute) anymore, I’ve had to find other ways to take my daily dose of PMA (positive mental attitude).

Here we go…

To remain in shape during the winter months, in preparation for mountain biking during the rest of the year, I’ve hooked up one of my bikes to an indoor bike trainer: a CycleOps Fluid 2. On attaching a Bontrager Bluetooth Digital Sensor to the bike and installing the Wahoo Fitness App on my iPhone I can track my speed and miles traveled.

In the past month I’ve put about 60 miles on my bike, which has become my new university on wheels. And, I’m again listening to one of the BEST audio programs ever recorded!


If you have not read or listened to this book (in the last 12 months) you are encouraged to do so. It can be acquired from Amazon.com by clicking on the image above.

This is such a simple way to continuously improve one’s future, through the daily cleansing of the mind. In fact, I dare you to go through this and not feel much better about life – today!

Consider this as part of your daily dose of PMA (positive mental attitude).

Remember, only YOU can make 2015 a great year!

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