Are You a High Performer or Workaholic?

Yesterday, a neighbor and I were discussing how things were going at work and commenting on the differences between the performance level of co-workers.

We agreed that some co-workers seem to think they are working super-hard, but don’t really get much done. While others (we consider ourselves in this group) work smart and hard, get much done and have more free time and flexibility.

I recall, when I was still a citizen of Corporate America, someone asked: “How is it that you are able to get so much done?“, in a complimentary sort of way. I thanked them for their feedback, but had other thoughts in my head…

The real answer involved several things:

  1. When I was at work, I’d be at work. It was NOT social hour. If I stopped by the water cooler it was to get water, not to talk about the plight of the local sports team. What do they have to do with my future? NOTHING!
  2. I arrived at work way before everyone else, so that I was able to get much of my day’s work done BEFORE all the interruptions (and useless meetings) began.
  3. At lunch you’d find me at my desk – working!
  4. At 5pm you’d see me exit the building so that I could be home to eat dinner with my family, get ready for the Cub Scouts meeting, Little League game or other activity.
  5. When I had extra work to do (frequently the case) I’d crack open the laptop for a couple hours at night to get ahead of the game for the next day.
  6. These after hours duties often included getting a call in the middle of the night because a customer’s hair was on fire due to a service outage.

Some might consider the above an example of a workaholic. I’d beg to differ.

An article that I came across today on Yahoo! Finance shares great perspective on the difference between a high performer and workaholic. Click here to read this article if you’d like to knock it out of the park in 2015, vs. simply working yourself to the bone.

In closing, there is a big/huge difference between being busy and actually getting meaningful stuff done.

So, which are you: A high performer or workaholic?

Only YOU can make 2015 a GREAT year!

2 thoughts on “Are You a High Performer or Workaholic?

  1. Noel says:

    Excellent article. I couldn’t agree more.

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