Easy Ways to Lower The Water

In a prior post I referenced the fact that there are 2 ways to achieve financial independence:

  • Raising the bridge (increasing our income)
  • Lowering the water (decreasing our expenses)

And, the quickest way to get there is to do both at once.

During my daily check-in to Yahoo! Finance I came across (yet another) very good article to support our financial objectives.

In this case, the article covers: 42 Things You Can Do Right Away To Spend Less Money

Some might ask: “Why all this trouble to save a few bucks here and there?

Because, there is NO silver bullet. And, it ALL adds up!

Financial independence doesn’t just happen. It results from small, consistent disciplined steps. Reminds me of a quote that goes “something” like this:

We can either discipline ourselves (and become financially independent) or we will be disciplined by (a slave to) someone else (our boss and/or creditors). The choice is ours.

If you haven’t yet read the recommended article, spend 5 minutes by reviewing it now (click here).

All the best!

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