Swim With The Sharks – Introduction

College students and young adults…As you transition into your professional lives you will begin to earn a noticeably higher level of income (as intended). Congratulations! That is what you invested all that time, energy and money in, to-date. And, remember, don’t stop!!!

Realize though, you will now become noticed — by the sharks. Consider yourself fresh new blood that has entered the tank and the sharks want some (of your money)!

To be clear, there are MANY products and services available to make life safe, comfortable and rewarding. And, more importantly, there are MANY which are absolutely unnecessary (a complete waste of our time and money). If we aren’t careful (and I certainly wasn’t) the sharks will take their portion.

The purpose of this series is to share a number of shark attacks I’ve been involved in, in my own life, which left me some scars of experience to share.

Realize, even sharks need to make a living.

The challenge is spotting them, as they “usually” don’t look like sharks. They often look and smell nice (all suited up). They can be very courteous, professional and polite. Hardly the look of a blood thirsty fish that we would fear for our life.

Tougher still, is that shark attacks are 100% legal. Legal, but totally unnecessary! They are simply a way for sharks to take our money so they can earn their living.

Now that I’ve whet your appetite, you might be asking: “What in the world could he be about to cover on the topic of legal shark attacks“. Well, this would include:

  • Certain forms of life insurance (Yes, we need life insurance. But, which kind?)
  • Certain (for fee) programs
  • Memberships (that we seldom use)
  • Credit Cards (the hidden teeth)
  • Paying for anything we can get for free
  • And, other things that I may think about along the way

In addition to the above being forms of “money suckers” they also create long term entanglements in our life that are just not worth our time. So, to keep life simple and low cost as possible, these are things that can be avoided (I certainly wish I had). But, then again, I wouldn’t have anything to write about on this topic 🙂

Makes me think of a quote, which goes something like:

The Best Kind Of Experience Is – Someone Else’s Experience

As such, you are encouraged to “consider” the experiences being shared here so that you can avoid these shark attacks in your own life.

All the best!

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