Telemarketers Wasting Your Time? Why Enable Them?

I haven’t talked to a Telemarketer in, well, years.

How can this be? My phone number (like yours) is available on the Internet. And, it does happen to ring at all hours of the day and evening. Quite simply, I ONLY answer my phone when the caller is identified in my database.


What database? The contact list in my iPhone.

You might ask: “What about your landline phone?

What landline phone? That waste of time and money was disconnected many years ago. It (a landline) is absolutely unnecessary (for my family and business).

In building on a prior post on my “electronic brain” I store all/every one of my contacts (personal and business) “in the cloud” which means this information is auto-magically available on my iPhone. Since I have thousands of contact records, chances are, if I “know” the person they are in my database – and I’ll answer the call (if I’m available).

My kids have asked: “But Dad, what if someone is calling in an emergency?” To that I respond with: “Why are they calling me? They should dial 911!” And, if/when someone calls that needs to speak with me (and I don’t answer because I chose not to or was unavailable) they can leave a message. From there I can decide to call the person back (if it is someone I have, or wish to develop, a relationship with).

As such, I’ve not, in the recent past, spent a single second trying to pry myself from the highly skilled telemarketer who will use every tactic possible to keep us on the phone.

I have much more important (and fun) things to do with my time 🙂

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