What If I Evaporated in the Bermuda Triangle?

By now, some may be asking:

  • Where does he come up with this stuff? Some, I’m sure, are likely saying garbage 🙂
  • Why does he write about this stuff?

I’ll address the questions in that order…

Where do I get this stuff?

With a family of 6, including 3 college students (2 living at home) and a senior in high school as well as having gone through lots of trials, errors, injuries, insults and heartbreaks myself, I have enough fodder to keep me going for years.

We haven’t even scratched the surface 🙂 Enough said about that?

Why do I write about this stuff?

This, I think, is the more important question.

First, if you haven’t done so, please refer to a couple of my introductory posts:

Once you’ve gone through the above, I “hope” it is clearer. If not…A major purpose for this blog is to record life lessons that I’ve learned so they can be passed on to my 4 boys (maybe their kids one day), nieces, nephews and anyone else who might benefit.

Quite simply, it is my sincerest hope that others have an opportunity to “Live Their Dream.”

I wouldn’t want all my life lessons to vanish if I were to “evaporate” somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, on my way home from Bermuda (where my wife and I are, at the moment). Below is a picture of Tobacco Bay: “one of” the spots we snorkeled during the week.

photo (11)

One thought on “What If I Evaporated in the Bermuda Triangle?

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