Wealth Building Secrets of the Millionaire Next Door

During my daily visit to Yahoo! Finance I came across an article / slideshow titled Wealth Building Secrets of the Millionaire Next Door. A fantastic article, quick read and great investment of time!

If you haven’t yet read the (highly recommended) book The Millionaire Next Door the article serves as an effective primer (simply click here).

The article shares 9 simple strategies that, if taken seriously, can put you in a position (over time, which will pass anyway) of being financially independent (even a millionaire). And, doing so much sooner than the typical age of retirement. Why not achieve such a (reasonable) goal at an early age? Others have. You can too, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you REALLY love doing (like enjoying this beautiful summer day)!

If you’d like deeper insight into the strategies covered in the article you are encouraged to acquire and read the book, cover-to-cover.


Only YOU can secure your financial independence!

Gotta go now as I’m heading into the woods with 2 of my boys on a mountain bike ride 🙂

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