It Is NEVER Too Late!

Do you have an unfulfilled dream or goal? Have you tried and failed? Do you feel that it is too late to go for it, or to try yet again?

Consider this fellow. He was a:

  • Laborer for various railways in the US, losing his job after brawling with a fellow worker.
  • Lawyer for 3 short years until his legal career ended after he engaged in a courtroom brawl with his own client.
  • Secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Columbus, Indiana. After admitting to not being very good at the job, he resigned after less than a year.
  • Insurance Salesman until he was fired for insubordination.
  • Small businessman, establishing a company manufacturing acetylene lamps. The venture failed after Delco introduced an electric lamp that they sold on credit.
  • Salesman for the Michelin Tire Company. He lost his job when Michelin closed their New Jersey manufacturing plant.
  • Service station manager until it closed as a result of the Great Depression. He later ran other service stations…

Most of you know who this person is…While running one of his “last” service stations he cooked chicken dinners for his customers. And, to make a long story short, at the age of 62 Colonel Sanders launched his first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. Sounds like one of those “famous failures” to me.

Here is a person who simply did NOT give up. He tried and tried and tried – until!

Our goals and dreams are “real.” Thoughts are things. To bring them into physical reality we simply need to remain focused and put forth the necessary action – until.

Go for it and never give up!

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