NEVER Ring The Bell!

As a teenager, considering my next steps after high school, I never considered the military. Instead, I chose the path of attending college. Since then I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to be in the military. And, more specifically, doing something hardcore like becoming a Navy Seal. It may be a little late for me now as I just turned 50 🙂

I truly enjoy the real-life stories we hear and see about their “special operations” and what they accomplish. Amazing! Our country should be proud!

My Dad recently sent me an email containing a link to a video of the Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (a Navy Seal) giving advice to graduates. His theme: Find the courage to change the world.

I found this to be an amazing inspirational speech that everyone can benefit from. In a nutshell, it outlines the mental fortitude one must have to achieve their goals and dreams. Once you’ve viewed the video you’ll know why this post is titled “Never Ring The Bell!”

Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend! And, God Bless America!

2 thoughts on “NEVER Ring The Bell!

  1. beaverfood says:

    This brave warrior brought out a tear or two. Amazing speech!

  2. […] a prior post (NEVER Ring The Bell) we heard from the Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command sharing advice with recent college […]

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