Get Rich Slowly!

We’ve all been tempted by “get rich quick” opportunities (or schemes). For most of us, the endeavor amounted to nothing (for some it was a setback).

Recently, I read an article on Yahoo! Finance titled “Get Rich Slowly.” The article was an excerpt from a book titled “How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly” which describes a number of highly pragmatic steps that we can all take to secure our financial future. The most important element is: START RIGHT NOW! That is, start now on saving and investing for your future. The sooner you begin the more that compounding interest and growth will work for you, while you are earning your daily paycheck.

Instead of providing an excerpt on an excerpt, I thought I’d simply point you to the book (only 16 pages) which is available online, in 2 forms:

  1. PDF edition (available for FREE) by clicking here
  2. Kindle edition by clicking on the image below


A short / simple investment of time that you can make to improve your financial future. Being that it is ONLY 16 pages long, you should be able to burn through this in a matter of 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!

One thought on “Get Rich Slowly!

  1. lunardakota says:

    Read the whole 16 pager

    thanks for the read 🙂

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