Is There a Secret to Success, and Failure?

Is there REALLY a secret to success, and failure? Absolutely! In a nutshell, it is 6 simple words:

We Become What We Think About ~ Earl Nightingale

The biggest challenge is in our mind. NOT in the world around us. We all (each and every one of us) have at one point or another setup false barriers to success (in our very own mind). We don’t think we’re good enough. We might fail. What will THEY think? We look around and see the accomplishments of others and want it RIGHT NOW. And, because we can’t have it right now we become disheartened and go about our daily grind.

It does not have to be this way!

Name the challenge (the obstacle that is seemingly preventing us from achieving our goals and dreams) and we can easily identify someone much worse off who knocked it out of the park.

We must realize that NOTHING happens overnight, by luck or some voodoo magic.

Once we define our goals and dreams, we must simply take daily action to continuously and never-endingly chip away at it – until! Until we achieve it. It may seem at times that progress is slow (or not happening). Just keep going. Many people quit on the precipice of success!

And, to keep us going we need a constant (daily) shot in the arm!

Earl Nightingale is a legend in the field of personal development. I recently found a 3-minute video that shares more about the secret to success (and failure), which happens to be an introduction to his timeless program “The Strangest Secret.” I have listened to the complete version of this program dozens and dozens of times and it has truly been (and continues to be) an inspiration in my life.

Where you will be five years from now will depend on the books you read, what you listen to and the people you associate with.” – Dave Johnson

Programs such as this can make a big (HUGE) difference in terms of where we will be in 5 years.


So, the question: Where will you be in 5 years? Closer to your goals and dreams? Or, looking back wishing…It is only a matter of action! The time will pass anyway…

4 thoughts on “Is There a Secret to Success, and Failure?

  1. Patrick says:

    Craig – I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! You are reminding me of lots of great things that I need to bring back to the forefront of my thinking. Everyone needs to be reminded sometimes of what is important in life and why. Thanks for being a great coach and mentor and sharing your experiences with all of us!

    • Craig Bailey says:

      Patrick – Thank YOU for the comment! I am having a blast with this and feedback like yours “fuel my fire!”

      And, feel free to offer any suggestions!

      Thanks again!

  2. Bill C says:

    Lately, I’ve been listening to Earl’s “Lead the Field” audiobook series and I love his definition of success: “The progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” To me, it means that in the going, you’re already there!

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