My Vote Has Been Cast!

What a rollercoaster ride this election season has been! And, it is NOT over yet.

A particularly interesting news article mentions the fact that polls suggest our presidential candidates are BOTH the least liked in history. So, it truly is deciding upon the lesser of two evils.

He said / She did!

The most disconcerting part of this process is the clearly biased media which seems to report more on what he (Trump) said than what she (Hillary) did.

I certainly do NOT condone, nor would I defend, what Donald “said” on the recently leaked tape of a lewd (locker room talk) audio recording.

That said, does everyone remember what slick Willy “did” the last time he was in the White House? He wasn’t recorded talking lewdly, he was actually caught acting the part!

And, do we recall what both the Clintons “did” upon leaving the White House? They stole numerous items which they were required to return. Thieves!

Or, that Hillary has received very large sums of money (a.k.a. bribes) from foreign governments while Secretary of State?

Do we want these characters BACK in the White House? Certainly not!

Is it that Hillary supporters have forgotten these (and many other) transgressions? Is it that younger supporters were simply not yet “on the grid” at the time and would not have seen these stories in the headlines many years ago?

The good news is that it seems things can only get worse for Hillary, thanks to the FBI continuing to investigate her use of a private email server as Secretary of State.

Let’s be clear. If you or I had acted so cavalier (and CRIMINALLY) we would already be locked up.

Well, I shan’t sling any more mud.

Any intelligent person who looks into the details of either candidate will clearly come up with the only conscionable result.

Fortunately for me, due to my current project / client engagement, I simply cannot cast my vote on November 8 in my home town.

As such, I went into our town office yesterday and completed my absentee ballot all inside of 5 minutes.

Done! I am committed.

For me, this will have taken all the drama out of what will undoubtedly be another week of frenzy over the shenanigans amplified by the media, regarding both of our candidates for the highest office on the planet.

In closing, please get out and vote.

And, remember, a vote for Hillary is a vote to continue the corrupt political establishment.

Go Trump!

p.s. – Want to understand my “Path to Trump”? If so, click here…

2 thoughts on “My Vote Has Been Cast!

  1. Craig McQuate says:

    Good post, Craig! I honestly don’t believe the Hillary supporters have forgotten. I believe that either they don’t realize how big a crook she really is or they don’t care. The young supporters that weren’t around to see some of the Clinton’s earlier “indiscretions” would rather believe her hype than do the research to see what she and Willy really are.

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