On Politics & Being Baited

Over the past several days all forms of media have been in a feeding frenzy over what Donald Trump said in response to Khizr Khan’s speech at last weeks DNC, and the ensuing war of words.

I read something earlier today that I had been thinking…Mr. Trump was baited with Mr. Khan’s speech. And, he fell for it: hook, line and sinker.

This morning I posted an article on Facebook sharing a Pastor’s thoughts on The Donald. In response, a person very dear to me indicated that it offers an entirely new perspective on Mr. Trump, but that he still wouldn’t get her vote.

Yep, Mr Trump was baited.

However, folks, let’s be very clear…There is a MUCH bigger form of baiting going on in our country and many citizens are falling for it: hook, line and sinker…

We all know that our political system is corrupt. The entire system is rigged for the career politicians. I haven’t seen or heard a single argument against that perspective reality.

To continue,  Hillary Clinton is a crook. She and her husband are corrupt, career politicians. This is NOT an opinion. There is just too much evidence in the public domain to support this fact, to even consider arguing the point.

Yes, Donald has ticked off people on both of the aisle (Democrats and Republicans alike).

Did you know that they (the career politicians) are scared to death of him becoming President?


Because it will impact their wallets.

That is, the career politicians’ quality of life is based on usurping millions, billions, trillions of dollars from this country and channeling them into their pockets and the pockets of their cohorts. And, where do you suppose these dollars come from? NOT from the government. These dollars come from you and me (at least, those of us who pay taxes).

Bottom-line: A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue this corrupt political system.

The media, who is fully vested in the continuation of this corrupt political system, will not cease in the spinning-up of every form of malaise to continue baiting us to NOT vote for Mr. Trump. If they win, the political system remains the same, entirely the same.

There can be no reform of a corrupt system by the very people who benefit from that corruption (the career politicians).

I firmly believe that Mr. Trump is our ONLY chance on the distant horizon to initiate a true reform of this system. If there were other options the media (and career politicians) would be attacking them too.

So, let’s take a lesson from Mr. Trump: Don’t be baited.

Otherwise, we (the average WORKING American) lose…

In closing, let’s clear the oval office of raccoons and “Make America Great Again.”

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