Decision 2016: To Continue the Corruption or Not

What an interesting period we are in, on our way to the November presidential election.

Of particular interest is that the Republican establishment is absolutely freaking out at the prospect of Donald Trump taking the reigns. So much so, that the GOP itself is willing to sabotage their front-running candidate.

I know, I know…Some people clearly despise Mr. Trump and are likely applauding the GOP’s behavior. Fair enough. This may seem to make sense, on the surface…

Please, let’s dig a little deeper…

The candidate we are talking about has CLEARLY risen to the top of the heap based on votes cast, primaries and caucuses won and polls taken. In short: Trump is where he is based on the will of the people.

Large numbers of intelligent, hard-working, gracious people who truly care about this country. And, people who have been willing to perform their own thoughtful research on what is happening to our nation.

Why is the GOP willing to derail Trump (who has so many sympathizers)? Because, if they can put up another candidate who is NOT based on the will of the people Hillary will very likely win the election.

For the GOP (and the rest of the political establishment), everything remains the same. Everything, meaning the continuation of the corruption that lines their pockets. They remain happy…

In contrast, Trump is NOT emboldened to or tethered by ANYONE, but the American people. This is totally opposite from the career politicians whose lifestyle is dependent on the continuation of the very corruption that WE ALL want to get rid of.

So, you don’t like Donald Trump. I know. I get it. I’ve heard it all…

Do you dare learn more about what is really going on behind the scenes in our country? If so, take just 5 minutes and watch a telling video from FoxNews, by clicking here.

We have 2 clear choices during this upcoming presidential election, just 2:

  1. Vote for a career politician (Democrat or Republican, it REALLY makes no difference), who serves only to preserve the establishment way of continued corruption and cowardly behavior.
  2. Vote for Donald Trump, who is standing up for the will of the people: large numbers of conscientious people who are NOT going away!

Make the choice.

Those taking option one can never again complain about the corruption in Washington as their vote will have served only to continue it.

This election, let’s break the chain of corruption!

Go Trump!

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