Intelligence Trumps

I have to say, media surfing provides an extremely distorted picture of reality.

Some of the most consistent attacks on Trump and his supporters would suggest that we are quite an evil, hate-filled, unintelligent and extremist lot. I’ve even read where we are cast merely as the “left-behind, middle-class.”

This is SO FAR from the truth, if one would simply do a little research on what is really happening behind the scenes in and to this country of ours!

Readers of this blog may have observed that I rather sheepishly announced my support of Mr. Trump back in December. This was back when there was no evidence (i.e., no votes had been cast and no Primaries or Caucuses won) that would suggest he actually had a chance to win the GOP nomination, let alone the election.

We are now obviously in a much different place.

Mr. Trump is clearly way out in front of the remaining GOP candidates, based on the votes cast – by the people: the many, many people who support him!

After proudly displaying my “Make America Great Again” yard sign and license plate holders as well as donning my Trump t-shirt I have met and/or spoken with (at length) NUMEROUS sympathizers.

I have found that these people are intelligent, gracious, hard-working Americans who truly care about our country. This, in stark contrast to what the media would portray as his supporters.

Examples of these hard-working American, Trump supporters abound, including:

  • The MANY people we met and/or observed standing in line during our attempt to attend Trump’s rally in Portland.
  • The numerous individuals we had a chance to talk to during the Maine GOP Caucus.
  • 3 brothers (in their 50’s and 60’s) who Cindy and I recently became acquainted with. After spending several hours with them and their wives we learned that they, together, over many years, grew and recently sold a successful business. They now enjoy their lakeside properties (near Cindy and I) with their increased freedom.
  • A retired gentleman, whom I met this morning while on his daily walk. He worked as a unionized carpenter his entire life (starting 5 days out of high school). He commented that each time he walks by our place he feels like he is in Trumpville. I guess I’m doing my job 🙂
  • Family, friends and colleagues…

In summary, intelligent, hard-working people who have responded, in the affirmative, that they are “on board” with ushering in the much needed change to our political establishment.

You’ll notice that I’ve not used the word “administration” to point to the problem. This would suggest that Mr. Obama and his cohorts are “the” problem.

The reality is that the underlying issues that exist in our “establishment” come from both sides of the aisle. Career politicians who are corrupt and cowardly, and not doing what is necessary to steer this country where it needs to go – for the people.

As I speak to Trump sympathizers it has become crystal clear to me that they have a clue about what is truly needed. And, they (we) realize that we are NOT going to get it from another career politician taking the helm.

In closing, if you truly desire the much-needed change to our political establishment, there is ONLY one candidate running for the highest office in our land with the guts to do it. And, he is untethered by the corruption which constrains our career politicians.

Go Trump!

2 thoughts on “Intelligence Trumps

  1. beaverfood says:

    Good job, Craig! You seem to have what it takes to become an author.

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