Can’t Trump Him? Join Him!

Until the 2016 Presidential Election cycle I really didn’t get that involved in politics. It had always seemed to offer the “same ole, same ole”, including:

  • A bunch of politicians making promises whilst we, the average American, knew they were pretty much lies
  • Heated debates among friends and colleagues about what s/he said, meant, did or didn’t do
  • The mud-slinging between candidates
  • The new President being sworn into office and promises commencing to be broken

Need I say more?

This time it is MUCH different.

As I’ve mentioned before, this election is really NOT about being a Democrat or Republican, as the politicians on both sides of the aisle are equally corrupt and cowardly.

And, voting for a career politician is only serving to continue a corrupt establishment that is NOT aligned with the will of the average American.

The good news is that the average American is waking up, as witnessed by a movement. A movement to put forth 2 candidates who are at the extreme ends of our spectrum of options:

  • Donald Trump – NOT a career politician
  • Bernie Sanders – Whose goal is to significantly raise taxes on those who work to give to those who won’t work

Those monitoring the fiasco will have observed that the doll of the Republican Party (Jeb Bush) crashed and burned as the average American simply has no need for him and what he represents (the establishment),  or should I say “doesn’t” represent (the people).

Two other gentlemen competing for the Republican nomination also didn’t receive the necessary votes to remain in the race: Governor Chris Christie and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

While neither of the latter 2 gentlemen were at the “top” of my list, I liked both, for different reasons:

  • Governor Christie – Is he perfect? No. Has he made mistakes? Who hasn’t? That said, he is outspoken on his positions and seems to get things done. That, I like!
  • Ben Carson – Obviously a very intelligent man who seems to be honest, well-meaning and centered. A good guy!

The good news is that after dropping out of the race, BOTH of these gentlemen have endorsed Trump. Wow, did that make my day!

Now, lest we don’t explicitly make the connection here…We often hear Trump’s opposers claiming that he is racist. Well, what about that endorsement from Ben Carson? Click here to view the article in which Ben Carson shares how he arrived at Trump. Hmmm…Makes you think…

In closing, it shall continue to be an interesting time between now and the November election…During this period we must all use care to not simply “media surf” (listening to or reading only headlines and snippets of information which are spun to promote one agenda or the other). Instead, we each must do the research to come to our own intelligent conclusion on who ought to be the next President of our country.

Go Trump!

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Trump Him? Join Him!

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  2. beaverfood says:

    Those with a sincere desire to learn the truth will try to reflect on what those teachers and professors were saying in high school and college. It is a well known fact that the majority in the teaching profession do not hold conservative views, or teach such views or even a balance of same. If one really wants to break out of this cycle of corruption, read, listen and look back…..and ask yourself, “what did they do to my head in school?”.

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