Who Is Intolerant, Really?!?

So, we read in the news today that Trump cancelled his latest rally in Chicago over concerns for the safety and security of those attending.

As stated by one of the political activists:

Chicago community activist Quo Vadis said hundreds of protesters had positioned themselves in groups around the arena, and they intended to demonstrate right after Trump took the stage.

Their goal, he said, was “for Donald to take the stage and to completely interrupt him. The plan is to shut Donald Trump all the way down.”

And, in context of all this we are told that Trump creates an environment of hostility and is intolerant.


Let’s do an analogy.

If I invited a bunch of my friends to my home for a barbecue and someone crashed the party and started causing trouble I’d want them gone. Immediately. Go home.

What would the alternative be? Letting the troublemaker(s) hang around and ruin the day? Nope, that is not going to happen.

Now, back to the environment of hostility at Trump’s event.

In this case we have someone (Trump) who organized an event (in this case a rally) to speak to his constituents. And, a large number of opponents were organized to cause trouble, preventing the success of the event. The question becomes: Who attended the event with the intent to provoke hostility?

To be clear, I’m sure there would have been no trouble if (free) food was served, as is the case with my BBQ 🙂

As you consider the candidates for Presidency PLEASE don’t just “media surf” (listening to or reading only headlines and snippets of information which are spun to promote one agenda or the other). Instead, do the research to come to your own intelligent conclusion on who ought to be the next President of our country.

As shared in a prior post, Cindy and I personally (attempted) to attend one of Trump’s rallies. And, as we were courteously inching along in line towards the entrance, we were the recipient of verbal abuse by protesters. Our response: we simply returned a smile at the utter humor of the situation.

Hypocrites, these protestors, antagonizing a large group of average (working-class) Americans who support Mr. Trump suggesting that they are not hateful or intolerant. Look in the mirror…

Go Trump!

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