On Media Surfing

We are all very busy.

And, we are constantly bombarded with messaging from all forms of media. I suppose I’m guilty of participating in this “push” of messaging myself 🙂

Regardless, we must each use care to avoid being persuaded or forming an opinion, even a firm stance, which results purely from “media surfing.”

Media surfing is defined as the act of viewing ONLY:

  • Headlines
  • Snippets of information
  • Mimes

ALL of which are spun to support someone’s agenda.

And, doing so without digging deeper to find out how much of what is shared is true, embellished or just a flat out lie.

As mentioned in a prior post, if we are not careful, we can all be “spun up” by something we read in the news or on Facebook, which is only partially true or a complete fallacy.

I nearly got spun-up the other day, when I viewed a headline that went something like this: Hillary’s worst nightmare has come true: An indictment.

Her supposed nightmare is the hope and dream of many 🙂

I was initially fired-up at this headline, preparing to comment on how fortunate we were that this has finally happened. However, after digging deeper I realized it was a fallacy. Someone’s approach at getting eyeballs to view their site.

All just a load of crap.

Know that this happens on ALL fronts…Be diligent to avoid falling prey to this…Remember, there are sharks in the media using all means possible to lure you in to their way of thinking.

In closing, please don’t be lazy by simply media surfing and then casting an unintelligent vote for the next President. Instead, spend just a little time doing the research to form your own thoughtful conclusion. Determining the next President of this country is WAY too important for laziness.

Go Trump!

3 thoughts on “On Media Surfing

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