On Thursday, Cindy and I headed to Portland, to attend the Trump rally.

Assuming the event would be as well attended as others, resulting in them having to turn many people away, we wanted to be there as early as possible, prior to the 1:30 start.

After making our way to Portland, we parked at the scenic Back Cove Park, while I held an 11am con-call with a client, lasting about 30-minutes. Then, we ate our bagged lunches, so we wouldn’t go hungry while attending the afternoon’s festivities.

From there, we drove to Congress Street (Portland’s main drag) and found the traffic extremely heavy. As we approached the intersection of High Street, where the hotel hosting the rally is located, we observed a long line of people (hundreds, actually) waiting to enter.

It was about noon.

At this point we decided to have Cindy jump out of the car and get in line, so that I could ditch Rover on one of the side streets. After 10 minutes or so I was back at the corner of Congress and High Street, once again at her side.

And, we began observing…

The rally attenders – They ranged from college students to the elderly (the lady in front of us was sporting a walker) and everyone in between. The good news: no-one had 2 heads or looked like extremist freaks and everyone seemed to have all their teeth. We seemed to be among a large crowd (did I say “hundreds”) of average (working-class) Americans.

The protestors – I would guess 40-50. Most, were in their 20’s with the remaining fraction being older adults.

Since we haven’t previously been politically active (attending rallies, etc.) we had never experienced anything like this.

Among what seemed to be normal protestors (of Trump) we observed:

  • A small group of musicians playing peace songs from the sixties (asking for money towards the cause of amnesty).
  • Chants of dump Trump
  • A number of people holding signs that read: “Love Always Trumps Hate
  • A middle-aged man with a bull horn shouting: “Mainers don’t hate, keep America Great” over and over and over again…
  • A number of Bernie Sanders posters.

All well and good (as far as protesting a candidate for office), so far…


2 guys in their 20’s walked the entire line of rally attenders repeating: “My, you all look mighty racist today.

Then, as we were inching our way towards the rally entrance there were 2 young girls (I shan’t say women or ladies, as they were neither, as you’ll soon learn) laying on the cold sidewalk, in protest of us passing by to attend the event. In line ahead of Cindy and I was a husband, wife and friend-team who were in their mid-sixties to seventies.

They engaged with the girls seeking to understand why they so despised Mr. Trump.

Before we knew it venom was spewing…

2 of the most irrational, even ridiculous comments made by the girls were:

  1. You all support Trump because you are “privileged”.
  2. We didn’t learn anything in school because everything was “white-washed” by YOU people.

All of which was augmented by the finest choice of curse words…

I kept my mouth shut knowing full well there was absolutely no chance of having meaningful dialog with these hate-filled people, who seem to feel they know the answer…

So, let’s break this down…

First, let’s talk about hate, in our context here.

Recently I read a Facebook post from a “once-esteemed” colleague of mine who said something like: “That dirtbag Trump brings hate where-ever he goes.

This person obviously isn’t grounded in reality…

What we experienced, was a crowd of Trump supporters receiving hate-filled verbal abuse. Our response: we simply smiled back (at the utter humor of the display) and courteously inched our way towards the hotel entrance.

I simply don’t see how “any” of Trump’s plans involve hate, as our protestors would seem to suggest.

Is it the wall?

Putting up a wall at the southern border to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants into our country is simply a way of better enforcing “our” laws. And, to do so in a non-violent way.

Is it the “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the country?

What group has perpetrated some of the most violent terrorist attacks around the globe? Islamic extremists. We have got to do a MUCH better job of screening individuals entering our country, or we will see more of this happening on our own soil. How will Trump’s protestors feel when (not if) one of their family members or friends falls victim to an act of terror, knowing that it could have been prevented.

Now, let’s address the comment made by the friendly girls we met, about us being privileged

Are we, who have worked our tail off to get where we are, considered the “privileged”? Don’t these fine folks know that it takes work (very hard work) to get ahead? They only need to get started…

Who are they listening to? Bernie, whose objective is to take hard-earned money from the working-class to give it to the non-working-class? The non-working-class defined as those who “can” work, but choose not to (as they are fully funded by government hand-outs).

Finally, let’s address the so-called “white-washing” of our educational system. Don’t these fine folks know that it is the federal government who has “white-washed” the educational system. And, their friend Bernie wants more of that (government control)?

Trump’s objective is to place control of education back at the local level, where it belongs.

The bottom-line: many of our young (and old) are brainwashed…

Now, back to our “attempt” at attending the rally…

After standing in the cold for nearly 2 hours, and being within 100 people away from the rally entrance, we were told that the event was full.

Bummer…Had we not eaten our lunches we may have made it…

To draw Trump supporters away from the hotel entrance a few of his campaign volunteers went up the street a bit and opened fresh boxes of Trump posters which were eagerly grasped by the enthusiastic crowd.

Cindy and I each grabbed one.

If you recall, in my first post on Trump, I mentioned that I had ordered a yard sign. To my delight, they actually sent two.

However, after one of our first snowstorms my sign went missing. We thought perhaps it was buried after the snowplow went by.

I promptly installed my second sign to make absolutely certain any passers-by know where we stand 🙂

Weeks later, after the snow melted, I found the wire poster stand, in the woods, but no sign of my poster.

So, we now have 2 backup signs in the event there are other culprits in our remote area who care to take a Trump sign home with them.

I hope you proudly display it 🙂

Go Trump!

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